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Peter Wagner

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The basis of our work


All aspects of our bissiness are based on a climate of confidence with our clients. We are committing ourselves to the following:




As trainer and consultant, we preserve our indenpendence from any third party.



We consult only in areas in which we have proven expertise.



None of the during the consulting process aquiered knowledge and information reach third parties.




The foundation of our work


Three principles of our approach:



  • acknowledging what is ...


means for us, respecting the current situation of our clients and being just facilitators throughout the process. We believe, that realizing something about yourself can rather be achieved by reflection than by forcing on feedback only.

  • take it - change it - or leave it ...


means for us, taking appropriate time to get into things, to evaluate the situation, to consider all available options to change it, but to draw a conclusion at the end of the day or just to leave it. Win-win solutions would be, of course, appreciated.

  • keep simple things simple ...


means for us, that even complex problems and systems have an inherited simplicity. We believe we should start to change things we do truly understand.

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